How it works

The first step is a free consult. At Finishing The Works, we want to know what you want. Furnishings, design, colour schemes, finishes and your budget.
Choose a package that fits your needs and we’ll supply a quote and payment schedule.

Once the details are taken care of, you can sit back and relax.
Finishing The Works does all the procurement, planning, shopping, and installation of furnishings and finishes. We’ve revolutionized moving day so you can relax in your beautifully furnished new space right away.


Finishing The Works uses a striking minimalist aesthetic to style your new unit.

We’ll set up your furnishings to best suit your life, while adding decorative touches that reflect your personality and make your space truly feels like home.


We’ll make your new space spotless! Finishing The Works will thoroughly clean and prepare your new home so it sparkles when you arrive.

If it isn’t clean enough for us, it certainly isn’t clean enough for you!


Cancel that chiropractor’s appointment! Finishing The Works will purchase and move all your new furnishings for you.

We’ll worry about delivery times and make sure everything you ordered is where it should be—in your new home.


Before your new furnishings and life necessities arrive, Finishing The Works will devise a plan with respect to where everything should go.

We’ll take care of all the unpacking, setup and installation.